Training & Credibility

Santa Bob is considered one of the premiere portrayers of Santa Claus in the entire country. Known for his entertaining charismatic style, children and even a few adults truly believe they just met the “real” Santa Claus.   

  • Entertaining children since 1983 as Waki the Wizard, an award winning Professional Shrine Clown. Attending Clown College for three years and learning to entertain children has contributed so much to the huge success of my career as Santa Claus.
  • After playing Santa for the first time at my gran daughters day care in 1993, I have worked diligently to perfect my portrayal as a professional real-bearded Santa Claus
  • Served as the volunteer Chairman, Shriners Hospitals Services, West Central Florida, 1996-2004
  • Attended International University of Santa Claus in 2005, earning a Master’s Degree in 2008 and a PhD in Santa Clausology in 2012, the only Santa in Florida who has qualified for this distinguished honor. 
  • Served as President of the Palm Tree Santas since 2006
  • Served as President since 2012, and the only active Charter member of the Santa Claus Drill Team.
  • Served as President/CEO of the International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas since 2013.
  • Attended the first modern day “Discover Santa” Convention in 2006 in Branson, MO with over 500 attendees.
  • One of the organizing Chairman for the “Celebrate Santa” convention in Gatlinburg TN in 2009, with over 600 attendees.
  • One of the organizing Chairman for the 2011, 2012, 2013 “Jim Yelling Santa Claus Workshop” in Santa Claus, Indiana with 800 attendees.
  • Served as Vice President/Organizer for the San Diego FORBS convention in 2012 with almost 300 attendees.
  • Served as Executive Director, President/CEO for the International Santa Celebration in Tampa, FL in 2014, over 300 attendees.
  • Served as one of the organizing Chairman for the Charles W Howard Legendary Santa convention in New York, in 2015 with 300 attendees.
  • Served as Deputy Director of “Discover Santa 2016” in Branson, MO with over 800 attendees.
  • Serving as a consultant for the International Santa Celebration to be held in Denver CO in April 2018.

Professional, real bearded, authentically costumed, Clear National Criminal/Sex offender Background checked, $2,000,000 Personal Entertainers Liability Insurance and with many years of training.